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Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joachim Gunsalam has high hopes that SIRIM can help the state increase growth in the manufacturing sector. - The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 15, 2022.

SABAH needs about 35% of its revenue to come from the manufacturing sector to become a state with a more advanced economy, said Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joachim Gunsalam.

Joachim, who is also the state Industrial Development Minister, said the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the gross domestic product (GDP) in Sabah was only 7.5% of the RM80 billion recorded so far.

“I have high hopes for the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to jointly contribute towards the economic development of Sabah and collaborate with state government agencies to help increase industrial growth, especially in the manufacturing sector.

“Through technical expertise and experience, SIRIM can guide small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Sabah to transform themselves into dynamic, innovative, and technological enterprises,” he said while officiating at the ‘SIRIM Bersama Industri’ Engagement Day today.

Also present were SIRIM chairman Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali and president and chief executive of SIRIM Group Dr Ahmad Sabirin Arshad.




The programme themed ‘Bringing SIRIM closer to the community and industry’ was attended by about 300 representatives from government agencies, industries, associations, and higher educational institutions, and local entrepreneurs from various sectors including food & beverage, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and plantation, as well as the construction industry.

At the event, Joachim together with Ahmad Tajuddin witnessed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between SIRIM — represented by SIRIM chief digital information officer Tengku Intan Narqiah Tengku Othman and Ahmad Sabirin — and the Sabah State Land Development Board (LKNS) represented by LKNS general manager Shaheddrul R Joddari and LKNS head of plantation management Teddy Firman Simanjuntak.

Joachim said Sabah could no longer use the same method in developing the economy as it had done for the past few decades but instead needed to be aware of the importance of talent, technology, innovation, automation, and quality control, and coordinate initiatives and programmes to support local businesses.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Tajuddin said SIRIM was ready to help entrepreneurs based on existing expertise, but entrepreneurs need to identify their own needs because only they knew the problems that existed in trying to improve their respective products.

“For a start, the entrepreneur must want to be helped, so our aim is to come and tell them, this is what we can do to help; you tell us the problem and hopefully we can work together to help you,” he said.

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